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Highlights from Artomatic 2012


If you missed Artomatic 2012 in Crystal City you missed 28 special days. Go to to get some idea of the size and scope of this amazing event.

Here is a bit of my experience and some favorite works:

First I prepared my wall painting it in two different shades of blue/grey in order to distinguish between two different series of work.

After nine hours of painting, my walls were ready to hang the work. I decided to place the newer Resurrection series on the wall facing the elevator side of the building and wrap it around the corner, placing some of the floral archetype series on a lighter blue/grey wall in the NW corner.

I chose that end of the 11th floor because there were numerous other artists whose work I like in that section of that floor including Sean Yates, Matt Sesow and Dana Ellyn….

This is the finished product:


There was a mad rush to finish installations in time for the opening night.


Most of the artists had everything in before the first night, but a few worked on installations throughout the 28 days:

Trinka Margua Simon

As I walked through the building during the next 28 days I snapped some iphone pics of some of my favorites. Here is a flickr slideshow so that you can see some of them:


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